About Us

We have over 40 years development experience in software development. We have been on the corporate IT side as well as consulting and we know the pressure of deadlines and unmet objectives. We know how developers work, and how to work with them. We can talk technology to business executives, and talk business problems to developers. Communication is the key factor in our success, with you, with your partners, and, especially, with your users.

Kevin Farner works at Gomoll Research + Design, Inc. as the Director of the Minneapolis Office. His focus is on user experience design, working with companies to improve the user experience for internal or customer-facing applications. He has an extensive background in User Experience and Product Management.

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Kevin blogs on the Texo site, at the GRD blog, on the homeschool site, and on his own site.

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Dave Reid is co-founder of TexoDev and does the vast majority of development. Dave works well with clients, understanding how to translate business requests into technical solutions. His, and TexoDev’s, more recent work has focused on WordPress and Ruby development. Dave often combines his development talent with his passion for urbanism (see urbanmilwaukee.com).

Dave’s background on LinkedIn.

Dave blogs on the Texo site, and at UrbanMilwaukee.

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