Adding a new school year in

When we built and launched the service back in January ’09, we only had the functionality of having a single school year. Were we shortsighted, or lacking in confidence, thinking we would only make it through May? No and no :)

We didn’t need it at the time and there were more customer-facing features to add. Plus, it was a great feature to get feedback from users as they used our service to create their first school year. Now that they have done that, they can tell us how to create school year number two, three, etc. And creating a ‘next’ school year is different than creating your first school year. In many cases, customer want to move their courses from one year to the next. Some times they want to move the course but have a different child take the course this year.

The point is that had we built this at the outset, we would have built it differently than building it now, and it would have been worse. This fits with our attempts to follow 37 Signals Getting Real philosophy, specifically the “It’s a problem when it’s a problem.”

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