– an update

Several months ago we launched It was a very soft launch; we twittered the launch and posted on a couple of homeschool forums.

It has been interesting watching how the site grows since then. We now have over 330 hundred customers using the service. There have been weeks where the number barely moved, then would jump 25 customers in a day. Typically we could trace this to word-of-mouth. Someone would ask a question in a homeschool forum about what options are out there for homeschool scheduling and tracking, and another person would post a positive response to our service, and our numbers would jump. This would also occur via twitter.
My advice from that is to make sure you monitor twitter and forums in your niche to see what is being said. One compliment we got was our quick response time, and that was often because we were listening to those channels.
The tools I use to monitor:
  • Eventbox: this is a mac-only desktop tool for social networks (twitter, facebook, etc.) What I like most is I can set up searches right in the app. So I used this for twitter.
  • Google alerts and Techrigy: I used both of these services for monitoring what was being said about the product on the web. Techrigy is a terrific service; my needs were small so I used the free version. I use google alerts as well. Between these two I feel I am getting what I need on the web.

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