Speaking at Ignite Event

Minneapolis joins the ranks of other cities hosting Ignite events. What is Ignite? From the site:

Basically, a person prepares a brief presentation on any topic. They get exactly 20 slides to tell their story, and each slide displays onscreen for exactly 15 seconds. So that’s 5 minutes per presenter.

As someone who can speak extemporaneously, but can also meander, I think this will be a fun challenge. The 20 slides will be fun and easy. The 15 seconds will be a challenge.

I plan on weaving my my experience in user experience with the launch of myhomeschoolplan.com into one presentation, focusing on how user experience can lead to innovative new ideas.

I’ll post back when the event is over and link to the slides after the event.

The event is April 22nd at Solera in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

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