Been away too long – launch coming

We had really meant to tweet and blog our way through a product launch and it would have been interesting to go through the process here, but frankly, life has been too busy and I’ve refused all along to post for the sake of posting.

That said, this week we are launching our first product, a web application for homeschool parents.  Currently, if you go to you will see our blog for homeschool site.  This week, the blog will go to the blog page, and the URL will be the home page for our application.

I’ll start posting our experiences in retrospect since I didn’t write them real-time and hopefully they’ll still be interesting.

Our product is a web application, written in Ruby by TexoDev co-founder Dave Reid.  The inspiration for this product arose from a personal need.  In 2007 my wife and I decided to homeschool our three children.  We have not been happy with the products available to keep track of the courses, course material, and most importantly, work the children are doing.  They like to see their work for the week and be able to check it off as they go.

Out of that need we create, a web application where you create your student schedule and record activities, and look at reports such as report cards or hours worked.  The tool works for any type of homeschool curriculum, online school, classical curriculum, or unschooling, to name a few.

We’ll blog the launch here and at the site.  The homeschool site will focus more on feature / function (as well as other homeschool topics) while the TexoDev site will focus more on the business side, and technical side.


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